During their Nintendo Direct presentation this morning, Nintendo unveiled a brand new version of their Nintendo 3DS system, appropriately named "New Nintendo 3DS."

The new devices have a plethora of upgrades and features, starting with an en enhanced CPU for better game performance and speed. The new device sports a second, smaller analog stick just above the X button for dual-stick action, new face buttons similar to the Super Nintendo (New 3DS) and the GameCube (New 3DS XL), extra shoulder buttons, customizable cover plates and a game slot now on the bottom of the device.

The New 3DS will be Amiibo compatible, allowing for easy NFC transfer when the Amiibo figures become available later this year, and will feature a brand new Internet browser for better Web surfing. The device is compatible with all previous and upcoming 3DS games, with Super Smash Bros, Final Fantasy Explorers, and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate shown in the reveal.

The enhanced 3DS looks really cool, but we have yet to hear of any release information for this side of the ocean, so for now all we can do is ogle. We don't doubt that it will make its way over to America, but without official confirmation, we're left to wonder. Nintendo, if you want to help us out, that'd be swell.

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