The woman who allegedly acted as the getaway driver for Nipsey Hussle's alleged killer has reportedly told a grand jury the reason why Eric Holder allegedly shot and killed the late rapper.

According to a report TMZ published on Thursday (June 27), the woman—identified only as Witness 1 in court documents—says that she and Holder were getting some food around Nipsey's store when the rapper waved off Holder and accused him of being a snitch.

After a brief interaction, she and Holder got their food and left the scene in her car. Once in the car, the woman said that Holder told her to drive around the corner from the strip mall and that’s when she saw him brandishing a black semi-automatic handgun. The woman alleges that Holder told her to drive around so he could do a drive-by shooting, but she refused.

That’s when Holder reportedly got out of the car, put on a red shirt and told her not to move. From that point, Holder allegedly shot Nipsey and two other men in front of The Marathon Clothing store and ran back to the car and left the scene. The woman said Holder had a small revolver and a 9 mm pistol when he returned to the car.

The woman reportedly testified under an immunity agreement, which means that her testimony can’t be used to prosecute her. As of now, the woman hasn't been charged in the case of the rapper's murder.

According to the same court docs, Herman Douglas, who apparently operated as one of Nipsey's business associates while the rapper was alive, also said that the subject of snitching came up during Holder's conversation with Nipsey. After Nipsey asked him about rumors that he'd snitched and told him to "go handle it," Douglas claims Holder said "Muthafuckaz be hating on me." From there, Douglas, who said the conversation was non-confrontational, said the two shook hands and went their separate ways at the end of their discussion.

In May, Holder was indicted by a grand jury on multiple charges, including first-degree murder, two counts of attempted murder and one count of possession of a firearm by a felon. In the same month, his original attorney, Christopher Darden, removed himself as the defense lawyer.

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