November has come really fast.  That means men all over the US will be growing out their facial hair for 'No Shave November.'  Should women participate?

No Shave November was created to help bring awareness to cancers targeted at men, like prostate cancer.  The 'No Shave' part tied into the them of 'Changing the FACE of men's health.'  The idea is amazing.  It encourages men to get involved and get the facts.

So where do women fit in?  October is breast cancer awareness month and men are really supportive.  You see them wearing pink shirts and shirt that say 'Save the Boobies.'  Well, why can't women support the male cancer month?

Since most women don't have facial hair, maybe they could not wax their eyebrows all month.  Or maybe not shave their legs or armpits for a month.  It would be for a great cause, right?  And there are added benefits, like getting ready would be a lot faster, you won't have to buy as many razor blades, and you'll be growing an extra layer of warmth.

Ok, not shaving legs and pits is kind of disgusting.  But men not shaving their face for a month is an adjustment too.  What do you think?  Should women be supportive and join the cause?

No Shave November just stepped up it's game!  Women will you participate?