The girls of Fifth Harmony only just got back from visiting countries like Brazil, Peru and Argentina on the South American leg of their ongoing 7/27 Tour (did you see the cute BTS photos and GIFs they sent us?), but they're already keeping it moving across the country on the North American leg of the tour through to September.

A little while back, we asked 5H fans to provide us with some questions to send the girls while on the road. And now, we're delivering with a select few answers, courtesy of the fabulously talented Normani Kordei.

Check out our mini Q&A with Normani below — and thanks for supplying all the great questions, Harmonizers.

What do you do before performing in a big show with a lot of people? - @cabelloucura

What I normally do before going on stage is pray – normally we do a group prayer with the crew or whoever is around, like our security guard, our tour manager and whoever else is back there and wants to pray with us. We get in a circle and normally Ally leads the prayer, or sometimes Dinah or I will. We also listen to music on our UE BOOMs – it’s a really loud speaker, so we kind of just jam out!

What is your favorite new song to perform from '7/27'? - @jaureguisbows

My favorite new song to perform is “Big Bad Wolf.” I just love it so much. It reminds me of Chicago on Broadway, or Burlesque with Christina Aguilera. It’s very sexy and soulful, and I love the lighting that goes with it on stage when we perform it.

What's one thing you look forward to about touring, and one thing you don’t look forward to about touring? - @d_camtrash

One thing I look forward to is seeing new places and new people. It’s surreal how big our fanbase has grown in a four year span. The hardest thing, and what I don’t look forward to, is definitely being away from my family because I am so family oriented; I’m pretty much attached to my family at the hip, so it’s really hard for me to be separated from them.

Describe your fans in just one word. - @hmonygrl

Can I cheat and use two? Above & beyond!

Catch Fifth Harmony out on the road at a 7/27 Tour stop near you.

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