It seems like South Georgia street has a running contest with itself to see how many amazing restaurants it can pack into a two-mile stretch of road.

New establishments abound and flourish in this busy neighborhood, and there are some serious gems worth trying out.

Uncork’d Bar & Grill, a newer addition to Georgia, is a perfect example of this quality in our little slice of Amarillo.

Uncork’d is the perfect spot for work lunch, ladies’ night, date night, and more with its classy-casual atmosphere, high-quality menu, and vast selection of drinks.

When you enter the bar, you’re immediately greeted and encouraged to choose between the outdoor patio overlooking Georgia Street, the cozy lounge area perfect for sharing a cheese board and a bottle of wine, or the adorable dining area complete with round booth seats designed to look like wine barrels.

The knowledgeable waitstaff arrives quickly with menus, fully prepared to serve anyone from an experienced and selective connoisseur to a customer who’s never tasted even a sip of wine.

Boasting 45 varieties of wine, top-shelf liquor, and a simple delicious menu, the meal itself promises to be a treat. Though it’s small, the menu, broken into lunch and dinner, offers a Charcuterie (meat) & Cheese boards, mixed olives, and mixed nuts for those there more for the wine than the dine, but a quality mix of appetizers (I recommend the onion strings), salads, sandwiches, entrees, and desserts. And don’t forget—true to its name, there’s a bottle of wine to match perfectly with any item on the menu!

Whether you’re looking to wow your boss, your friends, or your significant other (or maybe you just need a corner to enjoy a bottle of wine and a book), Uncork’d is the place to try.

For information, check out their website.

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