Why is it with success comes punishment?  Ashton Kutcher finally feels at home again after a string of hit or miss movies and a slew of cameos.  Finding his home replacing Charlie Sheen on Two & A Half Men.  The good news, it's a hit!  The bad news, he's getting dumped by Demi Moore.  Or is he doing the dumping and I don't mean a number 2!? 

Well maybe I should have read more then just a title before I started typing, hang on let me actually read the story BRB ((:

Okay wow maybe they are getting a divorce!  Okay it looks like Radar & Star actually broke this yesterday and I didn't hear about it, not that I actually care what they have to say, but my good friend that blogs on WWTDD.com whom again I've never met or even had a discussion with found this

Yesterday the rumors started to swirl that Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher might be headed for a divorce. Like all of you, I was devastated, but I held out hope because it was just Star and Radar, and they never get anything right. Unfortunately People has now put their detective caps on and found irrefutable proof.

(Demi and Ashton) have curbed their prolific Tweeting in some possibly telling ways.
On Sept. 23, Moore shared a quote from Greek philosopher Epictetus, writing, “When we are offended at any man’s fault, turn to yourself & study your own failings. Then you will forget your anger.”
The pair also spent their sixth wedding anniversary – Sept. 24 – apart.

Well if I could quote the groovy Greek Epictetus real quick, "You are an impression, and not at all the thing you appear to be."  I think that sums up what People is reporting on this, it's not at all the thing it appears to be to them.  Let's wait for an official announcement before we stock up on tissue boxes and spend a week crying into our hands over this global upset.  A follow up is to come but for now I beg this question of you.  Do you ever actually believe what tabloids say?