We've got the cure for your Orange is the New Black withdrawal: Netflix has released the first trailer for the show's third season!

In Season 3, Piper, Red and “Crazy Eyes” have not changed much. Our look inside Litchfield Penitentiary shows that all the things we fell in love with during the show's first two seasons haven't gone anywhere: the quirky characters, the ridiculous humor, the tone that perfectly rides the line of drama and comedy — it's all still very much there. If this trailer is any indication, the third season will not disappoint.

The trailer features shots of inmates screaming, crying and twerking. It also teases the return of Laura Prepon's character, Alex.

We also get a glimpse of "Crazy Eyes" and her new hobby, which, if we had to guess, is writing erotica novels ... about aliens. "It's not just sex," she says in defense of her raunchy literature. “It’s love. It’s two people connecting. With four other people, and aliens.”

Overall, it looks like the third season is going to be one wild ride. But then again, did anyone expect anyone else?

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