The Amarillo Police Department was contacted by officers out of Arkansas about a homicide suspect that was possibly in the Amarillo area.  After the information was gathered, leading to the bus station, and leading to the location of the murder suspect at said bus station.

Not only was a description matching the suspect pinged, the dude tried giving false information, too bad he had his own cell phone in his pocket.  DERP!  I wonder if APD was like "hold up, lemme send this text", and when his phone started vibrating with a text saying "Imma getchu sucka", he knew he was busted?  Hmmmmmmmmmmm

Well, I digress, that would have added some comical satire to this not so funny situation at least.

Amarillo Police

"At about 1:45 am, officers were contacted by Pine Bluff Arkansas PD about a homicide suspect possibly being in Amarillo.  Information was gained that the suspect may be at the Greyhound Bus Station.  A description and a photo were sent to our officers and they went to the bus station to locate the suspect.  Officers found a person matching the description inside the terminal and officers made contact with him."  

This is where you have to use your imagination and think up your own series of events that played out to the climax of this compelling press release from APD.  I'll start..."the suspect looked up, with starlight in his eyes"...

"He gave the officers false information about his name.  He was in possession of the suspect’s phone.   When confronted about the name he gave, he ran from officers and was arrested after a foot pursuit which lasted into the 800 block of S. Harrison."

A short lived foot pursuit, with the suspect no doubt saying "you can't catch me man"  the entire time.

The suspect was identified as Christopher Fletcher and booked into the Potter County Detention Center on his warrant for Capital Murder out of Arkansas.

Unfortunately, no one (like the murder suspect) was injured in this incident.