To celebrate its one-year anniversary, Ouya has dropped the price on seven of its games.

Until Apr. 1, 2014, seven games will be available for a much cheaper price for the Ouya. These games come from the first seven developers to create games for the little, Android-powered box, so it's only fitting that their games be the ones to be showcased during this sale.

The discounted games are:

  • DubWars by Helium Interactive LLC: A top-down, rhythm-based shooter that's powered by music. 33% off.
  • The Ball by Tripwire Interactive: A first-person action-adventure game that tasks you with exploring ruins and battling enemies with a stone ball. 60% off.
  • Deep Dungeons of Doom by Bossa Studios: A retro dungeon-crawler. 50% off.
  • Natural Soccer by Thorsten Schleinzer: An arcade-styled soccer game inspired by '90s games. 33% off.
  • The Little Crane That Could by Abraham Stolk: A puzzler in which you take control of construction vehicles. 50% off.
  • Knightmare Tower by Juicy Beast Studio: An arcade climber in which you rescue princesses while molten lava rises.
  • Beast Boxing Turbo by Goodhustle Studios, Inc.: A first-person boxing game that pits you against pugilistic monsters.
These are only a few selections from the Ouya's 725-game library, but they're on sale so you might as well grab them now. Remember, the sale ends on Apr. 1, 2014!

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