During a time of crisis, we see the best and the worst in people. With that being said, many Texans are reporting price gouging at certain stores over the weekend during Hurricane Harvey.

CNBC reports there have been more than 500 complaints of price gouging sent to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. That includes buying a case of bottle water for $99, fuel being priced from $4-$10 and even hotels raising the price of rooms to those trying to find shelter.

Paxton said in an interview:

These are thing you can’t do in Texas.  There are significant penalties if you price gouge in a crisis like this!

Video Source: Fox News

On Saturday, KXAN reported that their very own crew members booked a room at the Best Western Plus in Robstown, 20 miles west of Corpus Christi. Internet rates for rooms were promoted at a rate of $120 - $149 a night, but once it was time to book the room at the counter, the prices almost tripled to $321.89!

From the Attorney General's website, it is stated that "price gouging" is illegal, and the Office of the Attorney General has the authority to prosecute any business that engages in price gouging after a disaster has been declared by the governor.

Penalties from price gouging can be pretty expensive and violators can be hit with a $20,000 fine per occurrence, or pay a heftier penalty of $250,000 if the victim is someone 65 or older.

If you are a victim of price gouging during Hurricane Harvey, you can file a complaint by clicking here.

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