Have you ever driven by a car accident that was so terrible, yet you could not look away? That is exactly how I have to explain this song/music video!

New and old media alike have been abuzz about a music video from an unknown pop singer named Rebecca Black that's so bad it's...still pretty bad. The song is called "Friday" and in it, Black waxes poetic about anticipation for the weekend and driving around with her girlfriends in the most literal way possible. To wit:

Kickin' in the front seat/Sittin' in the backseat/Gotta make my mind up/Which seat can I take?

Is Black just a sweet kind trying to make it in pop music or a clever kid trolling the music industry? Says PopCrush:

According to...Bohemian.com, the Los Angeles-based Ark Music Factory was hired to write ‘Friday’ and produce a paired video starring Black. No word on how much it cost, or what the therapy bills are going to be if the kid gets wind of what’s being said about her online.

Until more is revealed, the web continues to have a ball riffing on Black.

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