Not since the compilation chronicling every time Jon Hamm has uttered the classic, bewildered, “What?”, as Don Draper on Mad Men have we seen a supercut reveal an actor’s goofy predilection toward a single word in the English language -- until now.

YouTube user Owenergy Studios has created a video featuring all of the times Owen Wilson has said “wow” in his movies, and we’re just as in awe as the Night at the Museum actor is. Check out the more than two-and-a-half minutes worth of “wows” on Owenergy's YouTube page, which gathers footage from nearly all of Wilson’s movies, dating back to his appearance in Wes Anderson’s directorial debut, Bottle Rocket, in 1996.

The clip also features a few “wows” from Wilson's turn as Hansel in the model-centric comedy, Zoolander, which is set to receive a sequel nearly 15 years after the original made its debut. Wilson and his co-star Ben Stiller announced Zoolander 2 in epic fashion when they closed out a Valentino runway show as their characters, Hansel and Derek, back in March.

The movie will also see Christine Taylor and Will Ferrell reprise their Zoolander roles as Matilda Jeffries and Mugatu, respectively. The new installment will also reportedly feature appearances from Penelope Cruz, Kristen Wiig, Justin Bieber and more. Zoolander 2 will hit theaters on Feb. 12 of next year.

Here’s hoping Hansel gets the chance to say “wow” at least once.

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