On Tuesday April 30th of 2013, Palo duro High School inducted two new members into their Hall Of Fame. The Don Hall Of Fame is such a great honor for Palo Duro alumni and only 67 people have gotten to experience it.

Each year Palo Duro's Hall of Fame committee must deliberate through stacks and stacks of nomination forms and they are only allowed to choose two. As difficult as it was they must come together to show the world what a Don Hall of Famer must represent. Congratulations to Palo Duro's newest Hall Of Famers Ann Jennings Class of 1972 and Melinda Marble Hodnik Class of 1973. These two ladies have exemplified the true meaning of being a Don. Upon graduating they still illuminate hard work and dedication in everything they do, while also being humble. They both are able to demonstrate great community service to the Amarillo community as well as the Palo Duro community.

Melinda Hodnik and Ann Jennings were remembered in the halls of Palo Duro by their fellow classmates, but now they will be forever remembered on the Don Hall of Fame.

Please click here to nominate a former Palo Duro graduate onto the Don Hall of Fame or to read about more information and review former members of the Don Hall of Fame.

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