Today is National Signing Day and at Palo Duro High School there were two senior football standouts who signed their letters of intent today. Palo Duro Dons' Montrel Meander and Charleston White. They have helped lead the Dons this year to playoffs with their 3-2 record in district and 6-5 all season. Dynamic Duo, Meander and White have traveled all around this country on official visits before they finally found their heart set on the one. But will this Dynamic Duo be seperated?

WR and DB, Charleston White weighs in at 165 and stands 6'1". He signed his letter of intent today to play with former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach who is now the head coach at Washington State.

WR and DB, Montrel Meander weighs in at 190 and stands 6'3". He helped the Dons this year with 12 touchdowns this season. He had a verbal agreement with Leach as well, but changed his mind after his visit to UT's campus. The Dynamic Duo will not be together this football season. He signed his letter of intent today to play at the University of Texas.

I have known these two knuckle heads for four long years and I am so proud of how far they've came. They are not only football standouts but both play basketball and run track for PD. They have both been nominated for prom, homecoming, class favorites, and many other things, so as you can tell, they're well known around PD as well as the Amarillo community! I wish you both luck! Congratulations! And congratulations to all the other athletes around the panhandle who committed as well!

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