He also won a pretty sweet hug in the process.

Kids, they can find a way to get stuck in pretty much anything. This viral video shows what happens when a little girl's arm gets stuck in a gumball machine.

I've been there, but usually with a claw machine. Man, sometimes you just wanna reach in there and grab whatever you want. This adorable little girl in California not only felt that way, but she took those feelings to action.

Quickly after her hand goes up, it gets stuck, and she handled it in the cutest way imaginable. Shoot, just the other day my daughter somehow got her arm stuck on the back of our dining room chair. She was freaking out like it was the end of the world and she would be stuck there forever. My daughter needs to watch this video and take notes.

This baby girl wasn't freaking out in any way, instead, she remained extremely calm while the paramedics took the machine apart to free her arm.

When it was all said and done,. an adorable hug soon followed.

Check it out!


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