Bands are used to dealing with rowdy fans, but for Paramore, they probably would have never imagined that a smelly critter would cause havoc during a show.

The Paramore Fan Club tweeted that while performing at the Banbury Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio, lead singer Hayley Williams and the rest of the band had just started performing their ballad hit, 'The Only Exception,' when Hayley noticed some commotion happening in the mosh pit.

"Do you guys want me to stop?" she asked the crowd up front. "Let's just pause. Is everybody OK down there? Good? Not good? We'll just hold on until everything gets cool."

It appeared that Williams herself had no idea what was going on until a fan shouted at her that a skunk was amongst them.

She then addressed the crowd, "Apparently, it's just a skunk that's down down there, spraying all of you with its love and generosity" she said to a crowd of laughs. "That's never happened before!"

Williams seem to take the interruption with good humor, and as soon as the incident calmed down in the pit, the band started the song over again.

"This goes out to you guys. I think you smell beautiful, no matter how you smell! And that's unconditional love right there."

Click on the fan video above to see what went down.

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