From friends, to enemies, to friends and...back to enemies? Fans are convinced a recent tweet issued by Paris Hilton was a clear shot at former pal Kim Kardashian.

In a pair of posts collected below by @PopCrave, Kim can be seen peddling her new Cherry Blossom Collection, the ads for which find her adorned in the eponymous flowers. Not long after, Hilton posed a similar pair of shots with the caption "Love these photos I shot last year with the incredibly talented Brendan Forbes.

Last year.

Shade? Shade.

And fans seemed to be divided on the perceived slight — some have insisted that Kim would have never hit the big time without Hilton, while others accused Hilton of being petty.

"Kim was a nobody before queen Paris. Talent lost when Kim became popular," one Twitter user wrote, while another noted "she's been out of the spotlight and needed controversy to gain some sort of publicity so she stole @KimKardashian gorgeous ad campaign photos. @ParisHilton never had class or style..what a shame #TeamKim."

Kardashian was family Hilton's assistant and pal through the mid-2000s, but with the debut of Keeping Up, the two drifted apart. Ultimately, things got nasty in the press, particularly when Hilton infamously referred to Kim’s butt as “cottage cheese inside a big trash bag.”

In 2016, though, Hilton and Kardashian reunited at the famous Kardashian Christmas party and seemed to enjoy each other's company.

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