A peaceful protest held in Ferguson, Mo. to commemorate the second anniversary of Michael Brown’s death was disrupted when a motorist rammed into a protester and drove off on Tuesday (Aug. 9).

As demonstrators gathered to help the victim, gunshot rang off supposedly at the car when it turned the corner. The horrific incident was captured on video (see above) and it’s difficult to watch. The man gets struck around the 1:40 mark - *warning graphic imagery*.

The clip shows people continuing to demonstrate on the side of the highway when one man walks in the middle of the road and holds up a sign. That’s when one car hits the victim head-on and doesn’t even stop.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, roughly 75 protesters began trying to cut off the car, which then reversed direction and tried to go another way in order to avoid the crowd. At that point, according to eyewitnesses, several demonstrators pulled out guns and began chasing and firing at the fleeing car.

Heather DeMian, who was at the scene and was live-streaming the Ferguson protest, told the newspaper, “I just started screaming, and the bullets started flying, and I started screaming some more."

According to Ferguson spokesman Jeff Small, the female driver didn't see the man in the road and is being “very, very cooperative” with police. There were bullet holes in the car, but no one was injured and no arrests were made.

As for the hit-and-run victim, he was taken to a local hospital in an unknown car. The extent of his injuries are not known at this time.

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