Ariana Grande has responded to fiancé Pete Davidson's Manchester bombing joke.

"This has been v tough & conflicting on my heart. he uses comedy to help ppl feel better ab how f-ed up things in this world are. we all deal w trauma differently. I of course didn’t find it funny," she tweeted on Thursday (July 5), responding to a fan who'd called the joke "rude" and wondered why Grande was still with the comedian.

Her comments come just days after Davidson's joke, in which he made light of the fatal bombing at Grande's May 2017 concert in Manchester, England, resurfaced online.

According to The Sunday Mirror, he reportedly said during an October performance at the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles that the attack must have indicated to Grande how famous she'd become because "Britney Spears didn't have a terrorist attack at her concert."

Grande continued on Twitter that, though it was "unfortunate," Davidson's joke "was months ago & his intention wasn’t/ is never malicious," adding of her fans, "I hear and respect you all always."

Davidson has yet to address his comment, though many of Grande's followers have called for an apology, pointing out that Grande has openly suffered from PTSD and anxiety stemming from the attack.

“I think it’s absolutely disgusting, I’m shocked," one mother told the Mirror. "This isn’t something to joke about, it was a terrorist attack targeted at children. You don’t joke about things like that in a stand-up comedy show...I’m still suffering on a daily basis, I still have nightmares, and Ariana herself has suffered from PTSD. What the hell?”

See Grande's tweets above.

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