Even in high school, Lady Gaga was glam and dramatic. She was born to entertain, and knew it even when she was still in her teens and especially when cast as Adelaide in her school’s version of ‘Guys and Dolls.’

The Mother Monster, who was still going by her given name of Stefani Germanotta at this point, looks Old Hollywood glam in this photo posted Little Monsters.com.

Obviously, Gaga’s affinity for wigs began at a young age. With those big, white blond waves, she looks like Marilyn Monroe, doesn’t she? Gaga tweeted about the show, posting: “some things never change…here’s a photo of me in highschool in the school play (set that wig + did my own makeup!)”

Gaga shows off her infinite sense of style in this image, as well. That black dress with the huge, white collar, and that simple, clean-line purse, are all very indicative of the ’50s, and she looks classic. Although we suspect if she wore something like this today, it would be paired with 10-inch, backless platforms!

This isn’t the only time Gaga channeled Marilyn Monroe with her look. This summer, on what would have been the late actress and bombshell’s 86th birthday, Gaga tweeted a photo of herself aping Monroe’s signature blonde hair and red lips. See that photo here.

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