A tweeted photo of Snoop Dogg smoking a bong with his son 18-year-old son, Corde Calvin Broadus, has sparked controversy on- and off-line.

The former high school athlete, who posted the image on his Twitter account, is shown lighting a hit for his famous father.  The incident has been called a "parenting fail" on CafeMom, and has incited angry chatter on other websites and radio stations.

However, this isn't the only controversial image that Broadus has posted. The teen has tweeted well over a dozen images of him and his friends smoking joints or taking bong hits. "'I been on bongs since middle of high school jus started f---in wit vapors and Js more," the teen wrote in a recent tweet.

According to the Daily Mail, Broadus began posting the pics after dropping the pursuit of college football scholarships. Instead, he has decided to concentrate on his hip-hop career under the moniker Spanky Danky. Several universities were reportedly interested in Broadus, but he is more interested in teaming up with his famous father to release a mixtape than training to play NCAA football.

Since the controversy began, Broadus has taken to retweeting messages of support and disapproval. Spanky Danky's Soundcloud page currently lists 113 uploaded tracks.


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