Remember how just a few days ago we broke the story about Pitbull being sued by Lindsay Lohan over his lyric in Give Me Everything?  The line that says "I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan."  Well the 305 rapper has made a statement and it goes like this (from TMZ):

"For me mentioning it ... on the number one record in the world ... I thought it would be helping someone's career and keeping them relevant."

Pitbull supports Lindsay's career saying:

"In no way shape or form would I wanna bring that on anyone ... I didn't look to defamate [sic], degrade or hurt someone's career."

Afterwords, he went as far as to invite Lilo to be his guest at this years MTV VMA's, but Lindsay hasn't responded that I know of.  (get a link to a video on this page)

This is all a sign of Lindsay's status.  She's done, over, finished, probably about to start doing porn.  There is nothing left for her, so she's trying to attack other people.  Just pathetic if you ask me!