A Police Officer in Dearborn, MI made a routine stop where he found some marijuana.  Instead of turning it in, he confiscated it and basically stole it, put it in his pocket for experimentation later.  Well, him and his wife used the giggle weed to make brownies, and thought they overdosed on pot, so what did the cop do?  He called 911.  That's all those street smarts!

A councilman from the city is furious and is pressing for charges to be filed against the police officer.

After the police officer and his wife made the brownies, they ate them, got full, and started to panic.  So the cop called 911 because he feared he had overdosed both of them, saying exactly "I think we're dying, I think we're dead".

HA!  Newbie!

The officer has resigned from the police force and again, no charges have been filed.

Get more on this story, and hear the hilarious 911 call in this video here below, ENJOY!  I know I did! :)


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