From Netflix's relatively harmless Fuller House series to the anticipated Gilmore Girls films, the past few years have given us heaps of reboots and revivals for countless beloved TV shows — whether we asked for them or not.

Some, like The X Files, basically pick things up from where the show left off (narratively speaking), with a few years — and technological updates — in between to allow for modernization. Others, like Disney Channel's Girl Meets World, operate more as an in-canon spinoff, with main characters returning mostly to support new characters in a fresh storylines with nostalgic nods to the original series.

But some revivals haven't sat well with audiences at all, with many getting laughed (or ignored) off the air. Remember 2012's Mockingbird Lane, NBC's attempted reboot of The Munsters? No? We didn't think so; it never made it past the pilot. What about MTV's attempt to adapt Skins for a U.S. audience in 2011? The show only lasted ten episodes. Even The Carrie Diaries, CW's Sex and the City prequel/spin-off only lasted two seasons before receiving its inevitable breakup Post-It note. (That's a SatC reference for all you non-Berger-haters out there.)

So, which show would you actually like to see return to television and/or streaming services soon? Place your vote below! This poll will close on Friday May 13.

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