It's only the middle of May and we've dealt with a lot of wildfire issues already in and around the Amarillo area. We all know about the devastation of the Smokehouse Creek Fire we dealt with earlier this year.

More than 1 million acres burned and becoming the largest wildfire in Texas history. After that one and the surrounding fires, we could've done without anymore fires, but the weather conditions have remained ripe for more.

Sadly, we're dealing with another wildfire, but thankfully this one isn't as large in nature. The Hackberry Canyon Fire is currently burning in Potter County and is estimated at only 1300 acres, with 90% containment. Thankfully, this one was caught early and handled.

It's bringing to light though just how dry and ripe the conditions are for wildfires this year. It's been another windy spring in Amarillo, and with summer vacations coming up for the kiddos from school, we're going to see more camping taking place.

As those events take place, it's super important that you are vigilant and take the extra precautions to make sure you don't contribute to starting a fire. If you are creating a fire yourself, make sure it's small in nature, and properly put out when you're finished with it.

If you're a smoker, dispose of those cigarette butts properly, don't just flick them and leave them. Find a can or something and pour a little water in there. Let that be where they end up. Use an ashtray or something to make sure those burning embers don't spark something.

Pay attention to things going on around you. If you see someone not taking proper precautions or acting a fool, say something, or handle it yourself. We have had many Red Flag warnings already, and more are bound to come as it gets warmer.

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