So the PowerBall jackpot for tomorrow is at an all time high of $425 million!  That's a lot of money!  Oh the crazy and extravagant things I could buy with that kind of cash!  You better believe I'll be buying tickets for this one!  But, how do I get my numbers?

Just like anyone else, I have my own little ways.

Many people use birthdays or anniversary dates or even peoples ages to come up with the numbers they play to win the money, but I have a little different route.

What I do, is when I'm out driving on my way to get my ticket, I take a pad and write down all the numbers on car's license plates that I see on my trip from my house to the store, which really isn't that far.

I can usually get about 2 tickets out of the numbers I accumulate as I'm driving down the road heading to get my ticket.

It's never paid off for me, I've won $50 here and there, but nothing major.

So how do you pick your lucky numbers when playing the lottery?