It's time to get all the co-workers together and everybody pitch in 5 bucks for lotto tickets!  The multi-state Powerball lottery has increased to a staggering $310 MILLION after no players matched all the numbers on Wednesday's drawing!  The next scheduled drawing will be held at 10:59 p this Saturday, Feb. 11th.

So it's time for a company wide chip in to win!  Hit up all your co-workers and everybody chip in some cash for quick picks and even hand selected numbers.  Seriously, what do you have to lose by chipping in $5?  If the tickets don't match, big deal it's only 5 bucks.  But if they do match!  Wow!  If 15 people chip in 5 bucks that's $75, which will get you about 37 or 38 tickets if you toss in another dollar on top.  Can you imagine splitting $310 million among 15 people?  The cash option value would be $193.4 million!  That's like $12.8 million each!  It's time for an office lotto pool!

You can thank the ticket price increase for the huge jackpot.

According to Newsday, the massive jackpot can be credited in part to an increase in the single game ticket price, from $1 to $2, on Jan 15 of this year. No one has hit the jackpot since the price was increased.

Even though the ticket price went up, odds of winning and payouts went up as well.  Like for example on yesterday's drawing, five $1 million winners, with players in New Jersey, North Carolina Georgia, Missouri and Nebraska all picking five of six numbers, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported. Additionally, 1,434,968 players across the country won smaller prizes totaling $14,462,336.

Even winning that wouldn't be to shaby!  You've got a little over a day to get your office pool ready, send out the email and get your co-workers together for a chance at HUGE cash!  I know I'll be spear-heading one here at KISS-FM!