Psy brought his global hit 'Gangnam Style' to the Frankfurt, Germany stage of the 2012 MTV EMAs last night (Nov. 11).

The K-Pop star made his way to the stage of the European version of the VMAs, walking into the venue from the outside. While clearing his path, he managed to expose actor and American treasure David Hasselhoff, who is bigger than God over in Germany, while he was engaged by some reading material in a porta potty. Psy happened upon Hasselhoff and some might say Psy was hassling the Hoff.

Psy wore a sparkly black blazer and was surrounded by about a dozen dancers dressed solely in white. It provided a nice color contrast, but overall, Psy and his team of dancers spoke a universal language of the body and that's dance. The singer and his entourage schooled the live and viewing audiences on the art of dancing, 'Gangnam Style.'

Yes, there were fans in the audience doing their rendition of the dance that Psy made popular over the past few months, but nothing was as electric as the moves Psy was busting on the world stage.

While Psy performed wearing a pair of sunglasses, he never gave off a "too cool for school" vibe. He's just a K-Pop star who happened to have a song go viral and he's having fun as his star ascends.

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