Playing the Panhandles' freshest new music first on 96.9 KISS-FM!  This week, we're banging the new B.O.B. featuring Taylor Swift, yeah, a duet I never saw coming!  Also, a new jam with some Latin flavor from Michel Telo featuring Pitbull!

We'll start with what I consider to be the world's most unlikely duet from B.O.B. and Taylor Swift called Both Of Us.  Before you even ask, no B.O.B. is not crossing over to Country Music.  But I gotta tell you, the mix of the 2 is pretty freaking amazing!  Taylor has a beautiful voice and it blends so well with B.O.B.  It's not a fast jam, a little slower, but the over all sound is a great full mix!  This is definitely a song that you need to give a chance, I think you'll like it!



Your lacking some Latin spice in your life, so add this into your daily play-list and your cured.  Michel Telo featuring Pitbull with a jam called Ai Se Eu Te Pego.  I've been told a few different translations for the title, that's If I Catch You, If I Get You and also When I Get My Hands On You, I'm pretty white, so I don't know which one is actually correct, but whatever I don't have to know the proper translation in order to enjoy the song!  The song delivers a fast beat that would be great to dance to!  This one is a little different, but just as I said about the song from B.O.B.  & Taylor, give it a chance and I bet you'll like it!


As always, this is YOUR radio station, so we need YOUR opinion!  Should we be playing these songs?   Tell us how you feel in the polls above!  And listen up for these new jams all week on 96.9 KISS-FM!

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