Construction zones are pretty much the norm around Amarillo. Everywhere you go, you're bound to see some kind of orange cone telling you the lane you want to use isn't available, or those signs that tell you "detour here". You would think we'd know how to navigate this kind of thing by now.

Right now, one of the longest-running construction zones is along I-27 from essentially Washington to Georgia St. The speed limit is down to 50 mph right now in that area, and truthfully even further out as you approach it.

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Maybe someone should tell the other cars on the road about it because the speed limit signs don't seem to be working. Either that or their speedometer is running way behind when they look down at it.

The speed limit drops down to 50 right around Bell St. on I-27 now, and it drops dramatically. You get a small stretch of where it's dropped down to 60, but you drive 50 mph for a pretty long stretch. At least you're supposed to.

Cars are flying around that area like it's the Autobahn and it's pretty freaking scary if I'm being honest. I typically sit in the middle lane during that stretch for a couple of reasons. One, being in the middle lane to me feels the safest since cars all around me seem to want to race like it's Fast & The Furious. No, you are not Dominic Toretto.

By being in the middle lane, it leaves each outside lane open for people to race past me or move to if they're cruising down the middle lane. I just feel safest there. I also have a lane I can move to on either side of me depending on which lane the car is flying in. If they're coming down the middle lane, I can move to either side of me before they get there.

Regardless of that, the bottom line is someone is going to get killed with how people are treating this area. The lane closure is already in a tough spot and it bottlenecks constantly with traffic. Cars cruising past it at 75 mph is going to create havoc, and ultimately a fatal wreck.

Where is DPS at a time like this? I'm telling ya, you could write a whole heck of a lot of tickets just hanging out in this area right now.

Slow down Amarillo. It's a small stretch that will add only a minute or two to your drive. NO ONE is in that big of a hurry.

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