She found her way into the ears and hearts of millions around the world with her surprise viral hit ‘Friday,’ and now Rebecca Black is mingling with music’s best at the Grammy Awards. She was spotted on the red carpet in a black dress and sporting red shoes, but the question on most of our minds is, “Why is she there?”

Rebecca Black

Maybe she already has an in from performing on ‘America’s Got Talent‘ and with Katy Perry. On music’s biggest night, perhaps this is a sign of the industry lightening up a bit and embracing YouTube stars as legit artists.

Black could be ushering in a new era where your 15 minutes of fame can earn you an invitation to the biggest of events, where the truly talented, like the ‘Super Bass’ girls, share the spotlight with the Rebecca Blacks of the world. One thing’s for sure, Black appears to be having lots of “fun, fun, fun, fun” this particular weekend.

[via Buzzfeed]

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