Tragic accident on the set of Pitch Perfect 3...just kidding! Happy April Fools Pitches! I got you!!!

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Whether she's playing Fat Amy in the Pitch Perfect franchise or being herself on the red carpet, Rebel Wilson is known for her uncensored comments and ridiculous antics. So it's unsurprising that she made sure to punk everyone on April Fools' Day (April 1). The Aussie actress tricked the cast, crew and about 1000 extras into thinking she not only fell out of her trailer, but that it also left her with a nasty scar on her leg. After a big group of people crowded around her, she quickly yelled, "April Fools," which led to a round of applause.

Considering how believable it was, you gotta give people props for that.

See more clips and photos of the joke below.

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