It looks like Renee Zellweger is no longer content with just working in front of the camera — the actress is set to make her directorial debut with ’4 1/2 minutes,’ a film she will also star in alongside ‘Jackass’ alum Johnny Knoxville.

Variety reports that Renee Zellweger is stepping behind the camera for ’4 1/2 minutes,’ based on the life of comedian Dov Davidoff. Davidoff himself shares a story credit with screenwriter Anthony Tambakis, who wrote last year’s electrifying drama ‘Warrior,’ starring Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton.

Zellweger will also co-star in the film with Johnny Knoxville, who plays Jimmy Bennett, “a commitment-phobic, train-wreck of a comedian whose life is falling apart when he takes a job looking after the genius son of single mom P.J. Andersen.” Zellweger will play the role of Andersen.

Shooting begins in February for the film, which takes place in the New York stand-up comedy scene. Does this mean there might be some cameos from comedians in store?

Zellweger has been doing a lot of work with Tambakis lately, selling their original series ‘Cinnamon Girl’ to Lifetime, and starring in the Broadway adaptation of ‘The Hustler,’ written by ‘Warrior’ director Gavin O’Connor and scripted by Tambakis. Knoxville can be seen in the upcoming film ‘The Last Stand‘ with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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