Ridley Scott must have a hankering to return to science fiction as he's in talks to direct 'The Martian' starring Matt Damon. This would then be the third science fiction film on his plate besides 'Prometheus 2' and 'Blade Runner 2.'

The Hollywood Reporter broke that Ridley Scott is in talks to replace Drew Goddard, who was going to direct the film, but then left the project to write and helm 'The Sinister Six' (which -- considering the box office of 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' -- might have been a bad decision). Goddard finished the script, and it sounds like this is a project that could get started shortly. It's based on the self published book by Andy Weir that follows a human stuck in a martian colony who's trying to survive while NASA tries to mount a rescue operation.

Scott is currently putting the finishing touches on 'Exodus,' which is due out December 12, but if this doesn't come to pass, it's likely because Scott's a filmmaker who likes to keep his plate full and he moved on to something else. Rumor was that 'Prometheus 2' -- which recently hired a new writer -- was looking to hit the big screen in 2016, but it's possible since 'The Martian' is also set up at Fox, that this would then be the rumored "untitled Ridley Scott film' set to be in theaters March 4, 2016.

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