Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian visited the ob-gyn in the premiere of Rob & Chyna, and a sonogram revealed the rumors that surfaced in late July are true: The couple is expecting a baby girl.

"I'm pretty nervous. I'm excited," Rob says in an interview taped before the gender reveal. "I really want a boy," he continued, in an interview for a television show his daughter may look up one day.

Ultimately, the two are just happy to hear their future human baby is in good health.

"Me wanting to have a boy stems from my relationship with my dad," Rob added in a separate interview. "I'm just happy that the baby's healthy and I am super happy I am having a girl."

Rob was excited to share the news with his mother Kris Jenner — but as PEOPLE reports, Chyna was displeased that he jumped the announcement-gun. Guess she wanted one of those cakes with pink in the middle.

"I'm so confused. Rob and I agreed that we were going to wait and do a cool surprise with the gender reveal, but Rob told his mom," Chyna said in her own interview. "I guess that is just the Kardashian family ... talk, talk, talk, talk."

As teased in multiple Rob & Chyna promo spots, the premiere included several other fights about the couple not trusting each other's phone activities with the opposite sex. Chyna also had a heart to heart about Rob with her future mother-in-law Kris.

"He needs to get more motivated," Kris admits to Chyna. "He's depressed."

"I can not, one person fix him on my own," Chyna tells the camera. "I just wish Rob would man up ... that worries me."

Watch E!'s rewind of the Rob & Chyna premiere below.

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