Russell Brand has a bad rep for being a jerk, but this time I have to applaud him.  He defends Bruce Jenner and even calls out TMZ in his latest video.

Russell Brand has been called many names over the years but I have to say that I am siding with him when it comes to media bullying.  Brand has a web show calledThe Trews.  On this show he talks about a variety of different topics and gives his input.

Last Friday,The Trews was all about media bullying.  Brand was talking about TMZ bullying Bruce Jenner.  Over the past few months, several gossip magazines have had Jenner all over their covers saying he is transforming himself into a woman.

InThe Trews,Brand goes on to say that TMZ, along with other media outlets, have been bullying Bruce.  And he has a good point.  Why does it matter if he wants to live as a man or a woman.  We are in 2015, you would think that people could live how they want to and not be judged.

If that is the way he chooses to live, why should we make fun of that?  The truth is we shouldn't.  Russell Brand then goes on to reference and to get informed about transgender lifestyles.  Check out his video below and tell us do you think media outlets are bullies?

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