With Route 66, I-40, and Palo Duro Canyon nearby, Amarillo is an oasis (no pun intended) in the Texas panhandle for people who have taken to traveling RV style.  Amarillo loves RVs so much, we even have an RV museum.

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Amarillo's location on I-40 and Route 66 makes it a popular stop for people traveling by RV. Add in all of the restaurants and famous roadside attractions, and Amarillo makes for a pretty nice stop on big road trip.

Oasis RV Resort

Oasis RV Resort is one of the most popular RV parks on YouTube. There are tons of reviews of Oasis RV Resort, but this one is my favorite. It's my favorite because the thumbnail for The Redhead and The Preacher looks like an album cover for a southern gospel family band. I love it.

They cite all of the amenities, the affordability, and the hot tubs as reasons to stay.

Fort Amarillo RV Park

Hailed as one of the cutest RV parks in the Lone Star State, Fort Amarillo is another one that is highly popular with YouTube RV enthusiasts. Amenities for pets is a big reason why, plus there's the general store.

The commentary on this video had me cracking up. If you don't enjoy "dad humor", watch it muted.

Palo Duro Canyon State Park Campground

Of course Palo Duro Canyon's campground is going to be popular. You've got the views, the wildlife, and the trails to enjoy.

Overnite RV Park

The best part of this whole review is the fact that he got to see the limo for the Big Texan.

KOA Journey

Growing up, I stayed at my share of KOA campgrounds. I did the "primitive" camping. Also, this guy is not a fan of trains or long honks.

The Legendary Stories Behind These Six Weird Texas Town Names

It's no secret that Texas is home to some pretty strange town names. While the names of these places are strange enough on their own, sometimes the story behind the name is even stranger.

The Charm of Main Street and Downtown Borger, Texas

This once-lawless Wild West boomtown is now a quiet town of 13,000 nestled in the Texas Panhandle. Located 40 miles north of Amarillo and 13 miles from Lake Meredith, the city of Borger is your typical small town. Friendly faces and warm greetings will surround you as you stroll down Borger's Main Street--a trip we highly recommend you take at least once in your life time.

The Hidden Life of Chillicothe, the Littlest "Big Town" on US-287

If you've driven between Amarillo and Dallas at any point of your life, you've gone through Chillicothe. This sleepy town seems nearly abandoned at first glance.....but wait! There's a little glimmer of life in there yet....Take a look at what's stirring within the Iris Village.

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