We've all had that teacher at least once in our lives. You know the one. The oddball. The eccentric. The one whose bizarre worldview and teaching methods have a lasting (and not always positive) impact on his or her students. However, the award for the year's strangest teacher undoubtedly has to go to Jean-Baptiste Clément, a sixth grade math teacher who subjected his students to James Wan's horror film 'Saw.'

As any horror buff can tell you, the 2004 film revolves around a serial killer named Jigsaw who forces his victims to mutilate or kill themselves and others as part of a nefarious and complicated "game." It's also notoriously violent and brutal and certainly not suitable for your average 11-year-old. So, why would Clément (who teaches at a school outside of Paris, France) show it to his young class? It's certainly not the kind of thing that's going to help improve their arithmetic.

Details remain scarce, but the teacher reportedly told his class, “This will be your first horror film," before hitting play. So you can't rule out, "he had no idea what he was putting in the DVD player," because he knew exactly what he was doing. We're still not sure if this entire ordeal makes him awesome or crazy or a little bit of both. Naturally, parents complained and the whole situation is under review.

Although the source article doesn't go into detail, we like to imagine that this impromptu screening didn't just traumatize a bunch of kids, but created a few new horror fans. After all, some of the best modern horror films are coming out of France. This stuff is in their blood.

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