I can't wait to wrap my lips around this new tasty treat at the Amarillo Fair this year!  The Samoa Girl Scout cookie is going to make sweet deep fried love to some batter and grease.  Guaranteed to increase your risk of heart attack, but well worth the risk!


Big shout out to the Girl Scouts, who are serving up this insanely delicious sounding fair food as they celebrate 100 years!


Make sure you help them out by trying one of these!  Your helping yourself more than anyone. Breaking your diet for the Fair is something to look forward to!


Amarillo Globe News reports on the story:

As any frying expert knows, dunking food into the deep fryer can pose problems: The tasty morsels fall apart in the boiling oil.

But Christi Erpillo, whose family has served fair fare for decades, found a way to successfully sink the Samoa into a vat of fat.


And then he's going to sink his vat of fat into my mouth!  Ewww sounds grossly delicious, doesn't it?

I hope summer is filled with fun, but for once I can't wait for September to come back around so I can go to the fair and try one of these Girl Scout Cookies deep fried to perfection.

Is there anything that can't be deep fried?

Check out more in this story courtesy of the Amarillo Globe News here.