Amarillo College has their annual "Kid's College" with a variety of fun, recreational classes for the kids of all ages to take. 

Here's some of the classes available:

Art.  Kids love learning how to draw. It helps them develope imagination and other cognitive skills.

  • Cheerleading.  They teach proper techniques.
  • Cooking.  Kids love to learn to cook. They learn the basics in this class.
  • Dance. Ballet, jazz, tap, and other forms of dancing.
  • Music. From classical to contemporary, kids love learning about music.
  • Gymnastics.  Kids will experience flexibility and muscle strength. Also, it helps with confidence.

Also, there are summer camps, sports and recreation, and Theater. .

Classes are held year round on several campuses and offsite locations.

Most of the classes are available for kids ages 8 to 15.

Go online to find the classes that are right for your kids.  Visit the Amarillo College Kid's College website HERE.

Let your kids have a productive summer at Amarillo College!

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