People tend to take the statements of technical professionals at face value but we’ve got no idea how three people from FBK Products, a septic tank company in Florida, managed to trick several customers into accepting the idea that the government regulates toilet paper for septic tanks, about $1 million in unnecessary products.

The three employees would tell their customers that changes in government regulations required that they buy new, specially-designed toilet paper and a lot of it; some customers were sold enough toilet paper to last them seventy years. Although, we have to admit, never having to worry about running out might actually be worth the extra cash.

Unfortunately for the scammers, they were caught, convicted, and will be sentenced in February for several counts of wire fraud. In fact, they’ll likely spend more than twenty years in the slammer.

Looks like a few people are going to get their “Charmin squeezed” for a long, long time.

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