Actor Seth Rogen, known for his lovable slacker roles, testified before a Senate subcommittee this week. No, he was not there to advocate and promote the legalization of weed, as one might readily (and understandably) assume.

Instead, he was there to discuss awareness and support of further Alzheimer's research, since his mother-in-law suffered from early onset of the disease, meaning that the condition has affected him both personally and deeply.

The speech was, in a word, uh-mazing.

Rogen, who emitted more than a few of his signature giggles and joked about being a 'House of Cards' fan, delivered a sincere, heartfelt speech that demonstrated how real people deal with this disease.

He showed himself to be both an advocate and an activist for Alzheimer's and his speech was peppered with facts, broken down in bite-sized form so we could understand and digest them. Yes, he even managed to speak about those Dorito tacos at Taco Bell.

Rogen was self-deprecating and joked that he was thankful for the "opportunity to be called an expert at anything, because that's cool." And likely doesn't happen very often.

He spoke about the organization that he and wife Lauren launched, dubbed Hilarity for Charity, and looks forward to the day when such an organization is not needed since people will no longer suffer from this debilitating condition. That means he can "go back to being the lazy, self-involved man-child I was meant to be."

Only two senators attended the hearing, which furthered Rogen's point that Alzheimer's research is not of utmost priority and is underlooked.

Sadly, it's their loss, because Rogen was entertaining, educational and endearing. He was there to make a point and did it flawlessly. A lot could have been accomplished had more politicos shown up. Just sayin'.

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