Shaquille O'Neal is many things -- future hall of famer, Internet hero and clumsy TV host come to mind. He's also a proud papa.

Shaq's son, Shareef, is a freshman at Los Angeles Windward High School, who's two-pronged stature has made him a name to watch: one, he's Shaq's son and, two, he's six-eight. Any kid barely in his teens that size is going to be someone who catches your eye.

Shareef displayed some serious hoops prowess recently at the 2015 Big Cup tournament in Houston with his AAU team, the California Supreme.

He's somewhat agile in the blocks and put on a good show for those in the crowd, including his famous father. He can block shots, run the break, rebound, grind inside and  drain the occasional three.

He's like Shaq 2.0. Now, if he learns to hit his free throws, he could just become the greatest player in the O'Neal family.

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