Shawn Mendes' skin is pretty impeccable, and during a recent fan Q&A he divulged his skin care regimen...or lack thereof.

When asked “Your skin always looks perfect, what’s your skincare routine?” the 20-year-old had a pretty unconventional answer.

“I’m not lying when I tell you guys that I don’t wash my face! I meditate a lot," he revealed. "I think skin is very based on how you’re feeling. You could rub dirt on your face & if you’re happy, you won’t break out!”

"When you're unhappy, sad, or stressed I think that's when you break out the most," he continued to a room full of groans. "So, honestly, do everything that will make you happier, I think." He did, however, admit to wearing a face mask "every five days or so," which makes it a *little* better, but there were still audible gagging noises, and one fan can even be heard saying "I must be sad all the time."

When the video clip made its rounds on social media, critics took to Twitter to let the "Nervous" singer have it. "washing ur face is the rule number ONE of BASIC hygiene and skin care how do u just NOT wash ur face" one disgusted user asked. Others kindly asked him to wash his face, while others think he's lying about the whole thing. Check out some of our favorite reactions below.

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