Sia found a formula that works, use the very talented 12 year old from Dance Moms,  Maddie Ziegler.  The video, however, is a little disturbing.  

The video, not only has Maddie, but also stars Shia LaBeouf.  The two are dressed in nude clothing and do some kind of weird animalistic dance together.  Some of the interaction between the two is a little bothersome considering she is so young and he is 28 years old.

There is no doubt Maddie is very talented.  And I'll even admit I think Shia did an amazing job.  But I'm a little creeped out.  LOL.

If you are wondering, both Shia and Maddie are portraying the same person dealing with a struggle within oneself.

The song, 'Elastic Heart' is the second single off of Sia's album 1000 Forms of Fear.  Check it out and tell us what you think.


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