Never one to mince words, Simon Cowell has once again made waves for how he talks to wannabe superstars.

Cowell has been accused of sexism for remarks he made about a female contestant's legs on Britain's Got Talent, where he currently earns a paycheck as a judge (he's also on America's Got Talent).

Being direct is Cowell's calling card. His brutal assessments of the talent that tried out for American Idol made him a household name and helped turn what was then a summer reality show into a global phenomenon. Some applauded his brusque honesty, some felt it made great entertainment and some felt it was just too cruel.

No one has the knack for cutting down a person's dream quicker or more viciously than the caustic Cowell. And his tart tongue turned him into a small screen superstar, proving that viewers were drawn to his unparalleled honesty and blistering evaluations. Indeed, Idol lost some of its gusto when he left the show.

Maybe you've forgotten just how callous Cowell could be. Lucky for you, the record is there for your viewing pleasure. Here's a look at some of his most memorable insults. We're guessing some of these hopefuls are still crying at the tongue lashing they received.

The Season 1 Photos You Never Saw:

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