Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but Sin City is about to become a television series. Back in 2013, Bob Weinstein of The Weinstein Company made headlines by saying that his company had plans for a television series set in the Sin City universe that would bring back both Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller in some capacity. And while that series didn’t exactly get rushed into production, the project was apparently more asleep than dead, because the news broke today that The Weinstein Company has all their ducks in a row for a Sin City series.

According to Deadline (via IndieWire), The Weinstein Company is moving forward with its television reboot, one that will apparently “hew closely to the graphic novels.” The series will be written by Glen Mazzara  —  better known as the creative force behind television shows like The Shield and The Walking Dead  —  and will have Underworld director Len Wiseman on board to direct the pilot. Deadline also notes that television networks are beginning to inquire about the project, but given the mature content of the graphic novels and the original films, you can probably rule out basic cable channels (unless CBS is determined to go in a vastly different direction over the next few years). No word yet on whether Rodriguez and Miller will be involved in the newest version of the series.

While Sin City comes with some serious brand name recognition, that wasn’t enough to save the sequel from flopping at the box office. Despite a rumored budget of $65 million, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For only made about $39 million worldwide, probably explaining why The Weinstein Company wasn’t in a big rush to move forward with the television adaptation. Still, with Mazzara and Wiseman on board, the series has two heavy hitters of genre film and television working on this adaptation. There’s no denying that The Walking Dead and Underworld have been successes around the world; it’ll be interesting to see how their sensibility melds with the pulp art and graphic violence of the comic book run. Pretty well, is my guess.

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