Skechers' 2013 Super Bowl commercial for the GoRun 2 running shoes features an adrenalin rush-inducing chase: a gazelle flees from a cheetah, who in turn is run down by a man wearing Skechers' magic footwear.

While we understand the connection between the shoes and this guy's super speed, we're not entirely convinced by the ending. Even if you do manage to beat a cheetah in a footrace, attempting to catch it would end in a grievous mauling as opposed to the cheetah's limbs hilariously knotted together.

Also, not only is this embarrassing for said predator, but it's hardly fair that he gets robbed of a meal. Whatever, Skechers.

How do you think Skechers' GoRun 2 ad measures up to other 2013 Super Bowl commercial?

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