Here's the latest evidence that EDM is continuing its infiltration into mainstream pop culture: We already knew that Skrillex was creating music for the Disney animated film 'Wreck-It Ralph,' but now Mixmag is reporting that the DJ will make a cameo in the movie as a cartoon version of himself.

Clark Spencer, the producer of the film, explained how Skrillex ended up in the picture. "We went to him first and said, 'Hey, we have this party scene in the world of Fix It Felix Jr, and we have a DJ and we think it would make a nice cameo if we put you into it.' And he was ecstatic."

Skrillex made only one demand, which had to do with his animated wardrobe: "We built his model, we put on his look, and we sent it to him to have him give us comments. And he said he would never wear non-black tennis shoes. He said 'My tennis shoes will always be black'. So we changed the tennis shoes to black. You don't see them in the film, as he's behind the DJ booth, but they were in the model. He has seen the animation, and he's very, very excited about it."

'Wreck-It Ralph' portrays a world where characters from various video games mingle. Ralph is a video game villain who decides he's tired of being the bad guy and tries to plan his escape. He even attends a group therapy session for video game villains, which includes the orange ghost from Pac-Man, Bowser from Super Mario Bros., and Doctor Eggman from Sonic the Hedgehog. Skrillex doesn't appear in the trailer, but we can already picture an animated version of the DJ spinning in a raucous party scene. The film is currently scheduled for an early November release.

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