'SNL' is nothing if not timely. With the Tina Fey-hosted season premiere airing less than a day before the final episode of AMC's 'Breaking Bad,' it was only natural that they'd put together a meth-themed sketch. And since this is the world's most famous comedy and variety show, someone was able to pull the right strings and snag Jesse Pinkman himself -- Aaron Paul -- to make an appearance.

Like so many classic 'SNL' bits, the skit is a fake commercial and the product on display is E-Meth, the new and fancy alternative to regular 'ol methamphetamine. Like with increasingly popular (and actually real) electronic cigarettes, this miracle product allows you to get all of the benefits of meth without actually having to stoop to smoking meth. This means you'll be able to get high in all of your favorite public places, lose your teeth, break into random strangers' homes and generally transform into a pitiful excuse for a human being without having to touch the real stuff. Hooray, science!

And speaking of science, Paul shows up for a last-minute cameo, dropping his signature 'Breaking Bad' catchphrase and giving the product a ringing endorsement. After all, it's blue. However, Paul's handful of appearances throughout the episode make us wonder when he'll actually get a chance to host the show. Everyone knows there's plenty of comedy gold to be mined from the 'Breaking Bad' well (and god knows we can use it after this stressful season).

What do you think? Bryan Cranston/Aaron Paul dual hosting duties? Get on it, Lorne Michaels.

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